Eutectic Cells

We can let you choose between eutectic cells made by COLD CAR or EUTEC, with cooling system plates or eutectic tubes. The isothermal bodies of COLD CAR are made of polyester resin sandwich panels reinforced with glass fiber and polyurethane core in plates with uniform density of 35 Kg/mc, printed with hot presses, assembled with an interlocking technique and sealed thanks to a special glue without the aid of metal or plastic profiles, in order to ensure the highest insulating capacity and a high resistance to mechanical stress. The cooling systems of every body are designed and made for accumulating cooling energy in special eutectic plates that are mounted inside. That differs from a normal refrigerating unit with power supply recharge that is normally located outside the vehicle. The refrigerated body in eutectic plates established itself in the EEC market as the best equipment for daily distribution of ice creams and frozen food, it’s also an excellent solution for the distribution of fresh products (milk based products, meat, cured meats, vegetables). It works simply: the cold is accumulated during the night break thanks to a power supply refrigerating unit that freeze the eutectic solution. Afterwards, the solution thaws and releases the cold previously accumulated, thus compensating for the thermal dispersion of the opening doors and of the body itself. So the products can be preserved in full compliance with the A.T.P. and H.A.C.C.P. regulations.


 Advantages of the eutectic system compared to conventional ventilated refrigeration can be summarized as:

  • Efficiency: with each delivery the air temperature is immediately knocked down preserving the

the product from thermal shock

  • Low operative cost: the absence of moving mechanical components and the indipendence from the engine

of the vehicle guarantee reduced maintenance costs, almost zero.

  • Operator safety: the use is simple, just connect the refrigerating

unit to the power grid in deposit and it automatic stops when the cold storage is completed.

The car bodies of EUTEC refrigerated vans are made of sandwich panels of glass fiber and polyurethane foam, obtained via the proven vacuum molding technique INNO.VA GP®. The eutectic plates refrigerating units guarantee the maintenance of low temperatures, needed for transportation of frozen food. Chassis are treated with hot dip galvanizing process, which makes them resistant to oxidation. The final result is a refrigerated vehicle which ensures the best thermal coefficient, equipped with a robust structure and fully self-supporting, with a floor walkable by heavy electric pallets.