The ISOTERMIC CAR SAS was build in 1993 and from 1997 was taken over by Manfron Paolo, still the current owner of the company. The ISOTERMIC CAR has always been involved in insulated bodies, improving itself over time with qualified staff and refresher courses by homes manufacturers mothers.

Our company and staff are certified in compliance with Regulation (EC) to perform tasks of installation, manteinance and/or repair of fixed or mobile refrigerating units, air conditioners and heat pumps containing greenhouse gases. Under Regulation (EC) n. 303/2008.
According to your needs, we can offer the best bodywork arrangement to install in every type of industrial or commercial veichle, in compliance with the directives issued by manufacturers. The insulated bodies are all certified according to the regulations of the international agreement A.T.P.
Thanks to thirty years of experience and a strong knowledge, we are able to propose and satisfy every bodywork arrangement request for veichles dedicated to refrigerate transportations and not.
Our prerogatives are a wide versatility, an appropriate technology in which we care and invest continuously, a careful selection of raw materials, the finishes and the customization.
You can find a qualified and professional staff to your disposal for every need your veichle requires.


Our company is into :
Sale and assistance lifts 
Sale and assistance refringerating units  on veichles
Sale and repairs isothermic cells  
Sale and repairs insulated bodies
Sale and repairs light insulated bodies  for transportation of bread, medicines, meals
Sale and repairs insulated vans 
Sale and repairs curtainsider
Apecial bodywork arrangements  (animal transportation, coffin transportation, milk machines, etc.)
ATP renewals
mctc testing  for updates