Insulated bodies with atp for perishable goods transportation

The “ISOTERMIC CAR SAS” insulated bodies are made using polyurethane foam and fiberglass panels. The particular construction technique in accordance to the best practice allow the installation on every kind of vehicle, maintaining a good load volume and the minimum flow rate loss. Our insulated bodies are built and customized for every kind of perishable goods transportations as well as transportations which requires controlled temperature. Our distinguishing features are:

  • The use of high quality raw materials as thick fiberglass laminate, high density polyurethane foam, straw and high-level resin, padding made by rock wool and polyurethane foam that seal and guarantee the function of thermal insulator of the vehicle’s body.
  • Compartment inspection and/or replacement of locks on rear and side doors.
  • Floor reinforced with spruce multilayer, layers of fiberglass and polyurethane foam.
  • Internal walls reinforcements for anchoring shelves.
  • Reinforcements on the roof for guide rails with hooks for the transport of hanging meat.
  • Stainless steel finishings on rear and side doors.
  • Anti-mold and anti-rust interior plastic led light.
  • Sewage collection tank with plastic taps.
  • Holes for liquid drains with taps.
  • Additional electrical system for electrical equipment (scale, cash register, etc.).
  • Partition inner walls.
  • Stationary loads on side walls.
  • Double shelves etc.