Interior coating with ATP

The light coating is made with the same techniques and quality materials as the insulated bodies, but in a lighter version that allows more interior cargo volume for transport of non-perishable foods as: dry pasta, eggs, bread, vegetables, plants and flowers, medicines, animal transport, aged cheeses, etc.

The interior coating, if comes in contact with food transported, complies with the requirements prescribed in Art. 45 of Presidential Decree n ° 327 of 26/03/1980 of application of Law No. 283 of 30/04/1962.

The interior coating is performed in accordance of best practice, referring to the prescriptions of the manufacturer of the vehicle and in full compliance with the specific regulations issued by the Department of Private and Public Transport.

Our skilled staff uses completely non-toxic resins certified in accordance with regulations on the transport of non-perishable food and other goods.

We release the declaration of conformity of the work performed.